Testimonial: Steve & Heather Dunn  

March 8, 2022  

My wife and I came down from Canada to buy a sailboat in Florida and engaged the services of  Mitch Witt for our pre-purchase survey. Mitch was very business-like and forthright about what his services would involve, the limitations of what a surveyor can do, and what our expectations should be. Having previously bought and sold a cruising sailboat, I was satisfied that Mitch would be able to provide the services we required. His website also provided an excellent sample of one of his surveys, so we asked Mitch to act on our behalf.  

The scheduling of the survey date was complicated by many factors including dates the owner and yacht broker could be available, tides, and Intra Coastal Waterway( ICW ) bridge clearance considerations. Mitch was very patient and understanding as we worked our way through  these things.  

On the day of the survey Mitch arrived right on time, his attire and demeanor was very professional.  

This was a 47 ft yacht with some quite complex plumbing and electrical systems but Mitch worked through the afloat survey efficiently and quietly. He was able to explain his observations to me in both technical terms (which I already understood from previous boat  ownership) but also had the patience to clearly explain things I was not familiar with. He also took the time to explain things to my wife who was also very pleased with how he relayed information to her on things she was not familiar with on a boat.  

Mitch was extremely professional, patient, courteous and polite to the seller of the boat. He was also very professional with the selling yacht broker who regrettably, did not reciprocate the same level of courtesy to him.  

Throughout this whole process and subsequently, Mitch has kept us informed and given us many helpful tips for local businesses and services we can work with after purchase as well as numerous articles on boat systems, battery technology etc. As we are not yet familiar with this region of Florida, he also gave us advice and helpful information for navigating the local  waters where the boat is berthed.  

We have been very pleased with Mitch’s services, he has gone above and beyond our expectations and an altogether superior experience than we’ve had with any previous marine surveyor. Thanks Mitch – we look forward to keeping in touch !  

Steve & Heather Dunn  

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Thank you for your inspection last week. I ‘do’ appreciate your work and review of the 39’ Shannon sailboat. I also appreciated and enjoyed you pulling me to your side time to time and pointing out the challenges of upgrading and maintenance. I felt as if you were mentoring me, and I truly thank you for that.


39’ Shannon sailboat

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I imagine that the survey process can be intimidating for people looking to buy a boat across the country. Thankfully, it was not that way for me and my wife. Prior to selecting you, I spoke with a few other surveyors. I am really happy that we decided to work with you.

What stands out to me the most about the survey process was your knowledge, thoroughness, and ability to educate.

George Kindley

Grady White 325 Freedom

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We have been very pleased with Mitch’s services, he has gone above and beyond our  expectations and an altogether superior experience than we’ve had with any previous marine  surveyor.

Steve and Heather Dunn

New Boat Owners from Canada

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From the beginning, we  knew Mitch was a great choice. A great example of hiring a surveyor actually saving the buyer money overall.

Ed Bacon

All NYC Yachts

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The information presented has been thorough and comprehensive providing us with essential information we need to access a vessel's condition and value.

Donald W. Spink CPCU

President Blue Water Insurance

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Mitch has been a real pleasure to work with. He is obviously very skilled and knowledgeable regarding Marine Surveying, reconstruction, and operating systems and was very generous with his time when we had questions.

Bo and Jeannie Benedict

Owners involved in Insurance Claim

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Thank you for all your candid comments and excellent work and professional attitude. I would recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a boat.

William Brooks

Potential Buyer of a Catamaran

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